Just sharing some photos taken in the morning <3 (we took the last photo from our balcony in the hotel)


We try to visit Greece every year - being our favorite country. This year we explored the Saronic Islands, but we also spent two days in Athens before that.
Day one - when we arrived to the airport, we were already quite tired, so we headed right to our hotel and took a nap, saving energy for the evening: our tour with GREEKING.ME
We met one of our tour guides in the hotel, and then went to pick up our second guide - and both were really lovely people! And not only lovely, they knew a lot about Athens and its history in general; they told us about the birth of the city, the culture and politics throughout the years, the religion(s), the buildings we saw, but also explained many things about "contemporary Athens"... I must say, I didn't expect Athens to be this exciting (and mostly, not in the night hours), but it quickly became my favorite city during this tour. Actually, GREEKING.ME offers several different tours in Athens (like culinary tours, workshops, tours dedicated to mythology, morning strolls, street art tours, etc.) but our night tour was so awesome I didn't even mind the dark (I usually do, I am a daylight-person). Our tour guide(s) showed/told us about things that we probably wouldn't be able to learn or find by ourselves, so it was quite the adventure for the first day. I will not share any "secrets" (nooo, no spoilers here), so when you visit the city, you can experience the magic by yourselves! I would like to thank GREEKING.ME and our helpful and fun guides, it was the best tour I ever experienced!

Roca Vecchia

Roca Vecchia - mentioned in my previous post. Definitely worth visiting.


After walking around Bari we decided to rent a car and took off. Our plan was to reach Roca Vecchia, which is basically a beautiful beach full of cliffs, but I hear it is also an archeological site. I wanted to see this place because I saw photos of the "pool" and I thought it was something we just wouldn't want to miss. The place is not far from Lecce, but we were more interested in the beaches we saw during our trip, so we stopped several times. I would highly recommend to hire a car and basically do the same, if you are in the area and have a chance - these beaches are probably the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. They were also empty - probably because the Summer season wasn't on yet; Paradise belonged to us for five minutes. Or more. When we finally reached Roca Vecchia, we parked not far from the beach/cliffs and approached the place. The water in the pool was unbelievably blue, and we could hear the waves.We got really hungry, so we took a few (a "few", haha) photos and sat down for a minute or two on one of the cliffs and watched the sea, then left to find a place where we could eat shrimps or something. 

A Bari-beli barangolásaink után béreltünk egy autót, és elindultunk Roca Vecchia felé, melyről annyit tudtunk, hogy közel van Lecce-hez, egy falu (?) és ami számunkra fontos, egy sziklás tengerpartról van szó, illetve azt is hallottam, hogy egy régészeti lelőhely is egyben. Nagyon szerettem volna látni ezt a helyet, mert láttam pár képet a "medencéről" és tudtam, hogy ezt nem szabad kihagyni. Eredetileg Lecce-be is el akartunk menni, de olyan hihetetlenül gyönyörűek volt a part (részben part mentén vezetett az út), hogy többször is megálltunk, és nem maradt idő - de nem bántuk meg. Egyébként üresek is voltak, így pár percre csak a miénk volt a Paradicsom. A célállomásra is hamar megérkeztünk, nem messze a parttól parkoltunk le. A víz a medencében (gödörben, lyukban, árokban, szakadékban?) hihetetlenül kék volt, legszívesebben beleugrottam volna, de ahhoz még elég hideg volt. Egy darabig még nézelődtünk, fotóztunk, majd leültünk az egyik szikla szélére és csak a tengert néztünk, majd rövidesen elindultunk keresni valami éttermet, mert nagyon megéheztünk.